‘Frozen’ Inspired Crafts

 My daughters love the movie Frozen and the love they have for the movie is my inspiration when crafting!


In this post are all my Frozen crafts that you can make with your family. They are easy enough to make and a lot require the use of a hot glue gun so when crafting make sure little fingers are nowhere near the hot glue gun.

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Frozen Inspired Holiday Centerpiece

Make the center of your holiday table look elegant with a ‘Frozen’ touch that will make your children smile.

I love having this Frozen Inspired Centerpiece on my dining room table.

It is so pretty and costs very little to make.


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Kid Friendly Reptiles

Want to buy a reptile to become part of your family?
What reptiles would suit young families best?
I visited the coolest place on Long Island to seek the answers to these questions.


According to Jungle Bob from Jungle Bob’s Reptile World these are the best reptiles for kids ages 3 and up.

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Make Play Snow with Two Ingredients!

Make Snow for Indoor Play!

It feels and look like snow! This recipe is so simple and easy to do a toddler could do it.

snowmanplay IMG_9987

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Sven Craft

 This cardboard tube Sven looks adorable as a decoration for Christmas or in your child’s Frozen Inspired room. We love-making crafts inspired from the movie Frozen.

Sven is an adorable reindeer in the movie and is Kristoff’s best friend. I had plenty of toilet paper rolls so I decided to try to make Sven using one for the face and one for the body.

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Roaming Reindeer

roamingreindeer IMG_4430

Roaming Reindeer is a great story written by Angela Meju.

This holiday gift set comes in an adorable box which includes the hard cover Christmas story with colorful pictures and two adorable plush reindeer.

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