Soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, makeup Oh My!

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer five years ago I started reevaluating the chemicals that I came in contact with everyday and specifically, the chemicals that had been linked to cancer. I starting reviewing my morning routine. My shower included the body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. After my shower, I would layer on the skin lotion, face lotion, and hair products. Lastly, came the antiperspirant and makeup. Were the products I was using safe?

christine egan shampoo

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October Creative Writing- Psychological Horror Story

Selene Castrovilla is an award winning local author and she is contributing to the Momee Friends site each month with creative writing tips. You can find this Creative Writing tab under our Teen Scene section but we welcome ALL ages to participate and write for the theme presented each month.

selene creative writing

October is a month-long spook fest, with more and more “haunted” attractions each year. We love to be scared – and that holds true in stories, too. But effective horror is more than just being scared. It also has heart, using human qualities we recognize and carry. The best horror stories spring from situations that could actually happen, and they are built on psychology and emotion.

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Ways To Keep Your Sweet Trick-or-Treater From Becoming Sour!

Pacing the race of Halloween festivities is not always as swift as a witch on her broom. Children and adults alike can become very excited with thinking and planning about what to wear and who to be for Halloween. Often times the abundance of festivities, candy and parties seem to get lost in translation with even one request as you may try to set boundaries with your little one. So, if you have a little prince or princess who tends to be impulsive and whose energy is magnified with the consumption of a lot of sugar, here are a few quick tips to help foster bonding experiences rather than a sour frenzied fun for all.

How wearing the Halloween costume can help with anxiety and self-regulation:


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DIY Halloween Costumes

Here are some Crafty ideas for Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes. Why buy a costume when you can make it yourself and add your own special touches to it.


We are happy to share the following costume ideas along with News 12 Long Island’s own, Elizabeth Hashagen. Do you make your own costume each year? What will you be for Halloween this year?

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DIY Halloween Cardboard Box Costumes

Halloween will be here before we know it and sometimes we need to think  “OUT OF THE BOX” for fun and inexpensive costumes or in our case make them literally out of a box.

 collage box costumes

That’s right! You read it correctly all of the costumes seen below can be made out of a box and done inexpensively. When kids are young they say they have more fun with the box the expensive toys came in then the toy itself. I would say that is 100% true even for Halloween costumes!

Our first costume is the Rubix Cube:

rubix cube 1

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PICKY EATER challenge from Mindful Eating

HEY KIDEES!  Are you a Picky Eater?

PICKY EATERS will not always be Picky Eaters but we must challenge them to try new things

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