Isaiah Bird – Inspirational Child of the Year

  Inclusion is defined as the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. Isaiah is part of the Long Beach Gladiators a “wrestling inclusion team” who are more like family out of Long Beach, NY and led by an extraordinary man and coach Miguel Rodriguez.


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The Dhobi- Dry Cleaning

Do you have a pile of dirty clothes waiting to go to the dry cleaner? No need to go to the dry cleaner yourself.

Just download the FREE mobile or web app and schedule a pick up time and get your clean dry cleaning delivered to your door within 48 hours.

It is that simple and easy!


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How Can I Get My Child To Listen to Me? – Proximity Insider Tip #1

Lisa M. Navarra is a Long Island based, certified educational and behavioral specialist.



“If non verbal communication could speak, it would be very loud!” – Lisa Navarra

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Shining Child- Aaron Lindner

Our Shining Child for May 2015 is 7-year old Aaron Lindner.

aj - may 2015 shining child sun image momee

Aaron is not your average 7-year old boy he is a young boy with a mission and that is to raise awareness for Brain Cancer because he himself is battling a rare form of brain cancer.

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The Big Apple Circus- Embraces Autism

The Big Apple Circus has been entertaining families for years. This year especially they are reaching out to entertain ALL families by providing Autism Friendly Shows. On June 2nd, 2015 there will be two sensory-friendly performances here in New York where the Big Apple Circus raised its first tent show back in 1977.

paper flyerQUEENS AUT  FY15_001

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What a beautiful day it is to pay tribute to all mothers, to thank them for all the little things they do and all the sacrifices they make for those they love and care. Not only have I been blessed with a Mom who still guides and supports me and my 5 siblings, in all our ups and downs, but I’ve been lucky to have so many mother figures in my life – strong women who have taken me under their wings in one way or another.  Today, I celebrate them and revel in their triumphs, find comfort in their strength, and inspiration from their personal stories. 


Momee Friends is launching a very special campaign to honor all caregivers, especially those who advocate for children.  Each month, we will share stories about some very special people we call WARRIOR MOMEES. 

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Wild Flower Collage

 One of Mia’s favorite things to do is go on nature walks and pick wild flowers.


We had contact paper and some beautiful flowers so I figured we could make a pretty collage for her to give to some of her favorite people.

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