Happy Superhero Day … April 28th

What Superhero is your favorite?

What kid would not want to be a super hero?… check out my blog Superhero Cape and make your own too

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Happy Superhero Day everyone : )

I also found a way for your child to create their own Superhero on Marvel Comics website.

Kids Parties- All Classmates Invited?

Kids parties can get very expensive ( as can anything )

What is right and what is wrong? Have the party home or at a location? What is more affordable? What is most convenient?

Weighing out the pros and cons…

Everyone has their opinions of all the questions above. But I received an email from a fellow Momee Friend that I need help giving advice to because Mia is too young to be in a class yet.

” My kids are both in elementary school ( my daughter in 3rd grade and my son in 5th grade ). They both have birthdays that fall within the school year and I was told by both teachers that if you have a birthday party and want to invite children from the class it has to be all the kids are invited. I find this to be silly. I understand kids feelings can get hurt. But my children have their friends in their class and let’s be honest each kid means more money. So if my child only wants 5 kids from class but has 17 in his/ her class. That means I have to pay for 12 more kids if they all RSVP yes that I have to pay for. And of course my kids want to have their parties at a place but the more affordable choice is to have a house party and order pizza. But, then I am stuck cleaning it all up. Uhhhh… what should I do? Am I wrong for thinking that all the kids should not be invited? “

Should all kids from your childs’ class have to be invited to your childs’ birthday party?