UFO – Craft

UFO’s  may or may not exist but this craft is fun and

when finished can be used as a Frisbee too : )

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First you will need 2 Styrofoam plates and staple them together:

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Next cut a square in the center but leave one side uncut ( this is where your alien will sit )

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Use aluminum foil to cover the plates

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for the alien you will need:

1 big pom pom

2 small pom poms

2 pipecleaners

3 wiggle eyes

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Now using a hot glue gun (have an adult)  put your alien together since the hot glue gun gets super hot!

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Place your alien in his UFO and take more small pom poms and hot glue them around the plate

Your child will love them and Mia has been using it as a Frisbee ; )

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