Guitar Craft for Kids

Kids love music and with some rubber bands around any box you can start strumming your favorite tune ( of course it may be a little off key )

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So easy to make and so fun to play with.


To make this project you need: Any cardboard box ( I used a Cheez- It box that was ready to go out to the recyclables can)

rubber bands, a cardboard tube, pom poms, scissors, hot glue gun, duct tape

First cut a circle in the center of one side of your box

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Then add your tuning pegs ( pom poms ) to the cardboard tube with your hot glue gun

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Now put all your pieces together with some duct tape and put the rubber bands around the box so your child can pretend to play his/her crafty guitar

and your end result will look like this

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When I gave Mia this guitar she first looked at it like wow it makes noise

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and then her little fingers started playing like a pro : )

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Have fun making a guitar with your little one

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  1. My nephew is going to LOVE this and he will also love it came from a Cheez-it’s box if I can find one. Thank you, thank you!

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