Water Fun in the Sun

Kids + Water on a hot day = a lot of fun!

I had these great buckets from my local dollar store. I set 2 up next to each other filled with water and 2 empty next to each other on the opposite side

I gave all the kids small solo cups and I poked holes in them to make it harder to fill the opposite bucket

Whichever team filled their bucket up the most when all the water was gone was the winner!

miaspoolparty 008 miaspoolparty 009

miaspoolparty 011 miaspoolparty 013

miaspoolparty 010

All you need is: 2 buckets filled with water, 2 buckets that are empty and red solo cups with holes in them ( I prefer the smaller solo cups because it takes them longer to fill up the buckets when there is more kids)

As you can see the ages of kids playing this game ranged from 18 months old to 9 years old. They all had a blast and stayed cool on a hot summer day!

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