The New York Stuffed Cone Company


The Saracino Family of Saint James have created the coolest place to go with your family and friends anytime of the day for fresh, delicious and hand made food that will have your taste buds going wild!

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I love family owned businesses and I really love this business. David Saracino and his wife Lauren opened up the business this past February. They live in St James with their two sons Chris and Nick who are 9 and 13 years old. Their parents have created a great food business with amazing flavors that I feel will be around for a very long time. You have to give them a try and see why this Momee loves this place so much.

They are open Sunday- 10am-9pm / Tuesday – Thursday – 9am-10pm / Friday – 9am-11pm / Saturday – 10am-11pm— Mondays they are closed!

Yup they are open at 9am … why? , owner David says, “If you can have eggs for dinner why not have a scoop of freshly made Ice Cream on a Waffle for breakfast!”

Located at: 556-18 North Country Road in St. James, NY 11780 in the Green Hills Shopping Center

Phone: 631-686-6877

contact them by email:

When we first entered The New York Stuffed Cone Company the music was playing and Mia loved the place right away. She saw the sign for Ice Cream and instantly said, “Wow!” I have to say I felt the same way Mia did. The place was spotless and had a great vibe to it.

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We sat down on these great chairs at the service counter. Which Mia loved because they swirled around and she can see their awesome freshly made waffle cones in front of her as we ordered.

David Saracino says, “The New York Stuffed Cone Company is a family place with some old fashioned counter service.”

and that it was; our service was outstanding between David and employee Katie. They were fantastic with Mia and she loved it so much she even blew them thank you kisses.

nystuffedcone 001 nystuffedcone 002

There are so many cool things to order on their menu Delicious Dessert Treats, Freshly Homemade Ice Cream, The Best Waffles you will ever have, Crepes and so much more.

Need a great tasting cup of Coffee? they have that too, with a coffee bar not only with authentic Italian espresso but cappuccino, hot chocolate and Affogato ( a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with espresso ).

nystuffedcone 004 nystuffedcone 005

Mia and I had to order the New York Stuffed Waffle with Caramelized Bacon ( it sounded so good) and It Was Out of this World Delicious! The waffle was fresh and the bacon has the sweetest most flavorful taste to it.

I highly recommend trying it ( shown below ) and I apologize for a picture with only half the waffle shown it was so good that Mia and I ate half before I could even have a chance to snap a picture!

nystuffedcone 003

If you are in the mood for a delicious, fresh burger from an owner who says, ” He is a meat guy”. And as you know a meat guy loves a good burger so it has to be good. You can add some of the ahhh-mazing Caramelized Bacon on top as well.

Try their burgers between the hours of 1pm and 3pm and then again from 6pm to 10pm for a fresh burger that your taste buds will love.

nystuffedcone 007

Now for the Ice cream… ohhh the Ice Cream, Once you try it you will never settle for those chain ice cream places again.

Check out their menu on their website —–> The New York Stuffed Cone Company Menu

David says, ” It takes a lot of time to make all of his menu items from scratch but it is worth it because in the end the flavors are perfect.”

And David is not lying about his ice cream being fresh and made from scratch because you can taste it.

David says, ” If he were to come here and order as a customer he would choose the Coconut Avocado Ice cream or the Bacon Caramel Ice Cream.” –both sound incredible to this Momee

nystuffedcone 026nystuffedcone 028

For instance we took home the Strong Island Stuffed Ice Cream that is on their menu. It is packed with flavors of Salted Caramel and Banana Ice Cream, Fresh Peanut Butter sauce with lots of bits of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Heath Bar. You can taste everything they way it should taste and I have to say the best Ice Cream I have had in a very long time and it is freshly made by the Saracino family.

As you can see Mia would also recommend asking for a homemade waffle cone as well! They are YUMMY! ( with or without the Ice cream in them )

nystuffedcone 023 nystuffedcone 024

And you know when you take an Ice Cream home and stick it in the freezer and you can never get the spoon into it, until you either stick it in the microwave for a few seconds or let it sit out for a bit?

Well, after a couple of hours of it being in the freezer at my house it was still great.  It was as creamy and smooth as it was when Katie put it together at the shop. My husband and I could not believe it.

So as you can tell this Momee loved this place and I know you will too, so what are you waiting for?

Go and try The New York Stuffed Cone Company located in Saint James and tell them Anne from Momee Friends of Long Island sent you!

*** If you would like to become a partner in this amazing company and talk about expanding with David please contact him, he is a nice guy with a great family business with fresh menu items and a concept that works! ***

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