Book Worm Bookmark

Want a fun bookmark for your little ones favorite book?

Make this easy book worm bookmark that will put a smile on your child’s face and help them remember where they left off in their favorite book.

applehashbookworms 025 applehashbookworms 023

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Darlings & Divas of Amityville

This has to be one of the cutest places on Long Island for girls ages 3 to 13!

If you are looking for the ultimate girly party Darlings & Divas is the place to go! They also do a lot of great events here as well.

Every girl wants to feel like a princess no matter their age and at Darlings & Divas your little girl we leave feeling like a princess.

divaschocbark 031 995319_568872923163028_809005293_n

Darlings & Divas is owned by two amazing Amityville Momees; Lisa and Dina. They both have young children and as parents know exactly what they would be looking for as a place to go with their daughters.

So, they decided to design a space that incorporates their vision and in my opinion they have done an amazing job. This place is gorgeous and a little girl’s dream place to hang out in at all times.

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Long Island Pies

It is the season of Pie! I love pie for dessert and I am sure there are lots of pie lovers out there.
There are a few locations on Long Island that have some delicious fresh pie that you just have to get your hands on this season.

  thCA5SKUAC  cherry_pie_slice_0515-0905-1214-5846_SMU

Check out these great Long Island locations:

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Happy Fall!

It may be the first day of Fall but we have the rest of the season ahead of us to do great Fall things.

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons:


I got the image from

What are some activities you and your family love to do in the fall?

Here is a bucket list of great Fall things to do with your family this Fall that I found on Pinterest:

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Contest- Win Award Winning Children’s Book: All About Color Blindness

Karen Levine is the author of All About Color Blindness ( A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency) for Kids and Grown Ups too.

Karen is a local Long Island Author with a mission. Her mission is to increase awareness of Color Vision Deficiency in early education.

“About one out of twelve boys has CVD. And about one out of two hundred girls has CVD.”


The book is written for a child to understand what Color Vision Deficency (CVD) is and that they can read the book with their parent(s).

The book is well written and easy to understand.

 Karen and I feel every child over the age of 4 years old should be tested for Color Blindness this book is great for describing what CVD is and helps explain it to a child.

About the contest: 

In order to win this book please comment below that you would like to be entered!

I will announce the winner on Saturday September 28th at 3pm

Want to be a Small Potatoe?

Here is Mike, Mia and I when Mia was about a month old.

The same picture and we are now a family of Small Potatoes…

1002633_662671643752574_452019753_n mia pics 017

Would you like to have one of your photos turned into small potatoes?

All you have to do is have a Facebook page and “like” Small Potatoes — > click here

Post on their wall between 7 am and 9am EST the photo you would like to have turned into a Small Potatoe and that day or the next you will have your picture!

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Mia’s First Week of School

Every once in a while I like to post a personal story about Mike, Mia and I.

I thought I would share Mia’s first two days of school with all of you.

firstdayschool 002 firstdayschool 020

Mia could not be more excited to start her first day of “school”.

It is a 2 hour program two days a week that she gets to be with other kids her age and get used to being away from mommy and daddy and be with a teacher and other kids.

I guess you could say she is going to Pre-Pre K.   : )

She grabbed her Sofia backpack and Pluto and raced to the door and then raced to the car.

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