The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

An easy craft to do with your kids using paints, toilet paper rolls and a straw on a white piece of construction paper.

My inspiration came from Eric Carle’s Facebook page where he mentioned that he is celebrating the 45th anniversary of this classic book.

hungry1 14572_10152291366269938_871780631_n

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Pixie Dust – Bayshore

We visited Pixie Dust last week for their open play and the girls had such a great time.


Pixie Dust is simply adorable. When you first walk in you are greeted by their friendly staff and you enter an adorable boutique.

Past the gate you enter into a pixie garden full of great activities for kids to do.


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St. Patty’s Day Cookies

A delicious treat for St. Patrick’s Day!

st patty cookiesstpatty cookied

A chocolate moist cookie outside and yummy peppermint cheese cake frosting on the inside.

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Make your own Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint is so much fun not only to create with but fun to touch once it is dry!


An easy recipe that not only is fun to create with once it is made; but your little one will love to make it too!

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Let All The Children Play

“Let All The Children Play (LATCP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives and dignity of all children by developing accessible playgrounds and inclusive recreation programs that allow children with disabilities the opportunity to experience play, side-by-side, with their able-bodied peers, creating a truly integrated environment where friendship and acceptance can flourish.”-


The playground is a child’s classroom.  Through play, children learn to negotiate, communicate and  learn to trust themselves and others by interacting physically, emotionally, and socially with their peers.  While we would never deny a child entrance into a classroom, we routinely deny children with disabilities entrance onto a playground, as a majority of traditional playgrounds are physically inaccessible. Ultimately, children with disabilities are denied access not only to their social circle but also to the vital benefits of play: physical development, cognitive growth, and social development.

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Possible Danger with Popular Children’s Toy

My daughter loved her seahorse from the time she was born and we always had it in the crib with her.

little mia pictures 006 little mia pictures 009

This has been brought to my attention now and I am so glad we were lucky enough not to experience the possible danger that can happen with this popular toy.

It is not only a fire hazard but the smoke fumes that can came from the battery pack can be harmful to your child.

Watch the video and you are going to be just as shocked as I was…

Please share this article with all of your Momee Friends and I thank ABC 7 Detroit for broadcasting this!