Strawberry Picking along with a craft and recipe

We went strawberry picking at Glover Farms yesterday.

It was a beautiful day with lots of fruit to pick.


Glover Farms —–> click here


The strawberries were a perfect red in color and perfectly sweet to eat.

The girls really enjoyed walking around and picking strawberries for their basket.


After we filled our baskets we sat at a picnic table where we ate lunch and did our craft.

Next to the picnic table was a play ground area that the kids really enjoyed playing on as well.


We made a strawberry craft that included the kids pictures.

And we ate yummy strawberry muffins that I made before we got to the farm.


I highly recommend Glover Farms as a strawberry picking destination.

Glover Farms is located at

633 Horseblock Road Brookhaven, New York 11719

Phone: (631)-286-7876

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