Nina’s Pizzeria- Northport

Have you tried the family owned Pizzeria in the village of Northport? The food is delicious and there are a couple of items on the menu that really stand out!


Nina’s Pizzeria is located on Main Street in Northport and has a wonderful atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. There are tables with umbrellas outside and comfortable booths inside.

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Bringing the kids to Nina’s Pizzeria is no problem! The owner, Artie is a family man himself with his daughters working by his side each day.  Within the restaurant there are games for kids to play while you wait for your food to arrive.


When he opened this restaurant 7 years ago his intention was for it to be a family friendly restaurant and he has done a wonderful job providing affordable delicious food for everyone to enjoy.

We all LOVE pizza right? Well how about a 30 inch pie that could feed up to 16 people at a low affordable price. The price is low but the taste is of the highest standard. We enjoyed it so much.


ninas8 ninas7 ninas3

Another item that really stands out is their dessert pie!

An oreo pizza that tastes as good as it looks.


picture above was used thanks to Verizon FiOS1 – Restaurant Hunter

Crazy Pizzas, Mommy Blogging And Kids At Nina’s Pizzeria

View this great family friendly restaurant on Verizion Fios 1 – Restaurant Hunter

Daddy-Daughter Date & More At Family-Friendly Northport Spot —> click here


Not only did we enjoy Nina’s Pizzeria for the day but we feel it is a Bright Pick for all families to enjoy! The pizza, food, staff and atmosphere is worth the trip to Northport!

Congratulations for becoming a Bright Pick of Momee Friends of Long Island!

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bright pick

Nina’s Pizzeria is located at:

487 Main Street Northport, NY

Phone: 631-261-6822

Website –> click here

I want to thank Restaurant Hunter for including Momee Friends in their family friendly segment we had a blast and hope we can work together again soon! Rob Petrone and his daughter Claire were a lot of fun to dine with.

Check out Verizon Restaurant Hunter every Thursday night at 8pm on Channel 1 or 501 (only on Verizon Fios1)  to see all local places that Rob visits for a great dining experience!

rob ptrone

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