Victoria’s Amazing Pets- Silkie Chicks

Meet 11-year-old Victoria Bonavita

Victoria is a young girl who is full of knowledge and has an incredible love for animals. We are so excited to have her be a part of Momee Friends and educate all of us on different animals.


Feature:  Silkie Chicks

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Community Helper- Veterinarian

Each month we are going to feature a different Community Helper here on Long Island. They will teach us about what they do for our community and we will have fun activities for you to do related to their occupation.

This month we featured a local Veterinarian: Dr. Timothy Brown of Setauket Animal Hospital in our interactive Kidee Section on Momee

dr. brown

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Keep Moving Forward – Justin

“All Goals Can Be Achieved When You Believe”

                                                                              Keep Moving Forward

MEET JUSTIN one of Keep Moving Foward’s GOAL ACHIEVERS

justin kmf keep moving foward

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Hair We Share- Momee Friends for Sara

This campaign is being run in the spirit of Making A Difference.


sara- hair we share

Meet Sara who is a sweet and loving 6-year old girl.

Sara’s mom told us: “Sometimes Sara wants to chew gum and I’ll tell her she can’t have any because she’ll get it in her hair (like she used to when she had hair) she’ll just laugh and say “mom, I don’t have hair”. She’s a happy little girl and enjoys life. Sara started loosing her hair in September 2014 and by December 2014 she had no hair at all. She was then diagnosed with Alopecia. It was a very difficult time for me, but Sara seemed to me taking way better than I was. Her confidence amazes me and to this date she rocks her bald head. There are times though when I’m fixing her little sisters hair that she’ll tell me she wants her hair back so I can fix her hair how I used to with pretty bows. Oh how I wish it was me and not her going through this . “

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ELF EXPRESS- Long Island

Looking for a unique way to get your children or grandchildren ready for the holiday season? How about a visit from the Elf Express!

elf express

That’s right, a local Momee has thought of a great business that brings holiday cheer to local Long Island families doorstep and her name is Allison Lynch. She started her crafty business through Facebook and word of mouth last year to make some extra cash for the holiday season. Her inspiration was her daughter who celebrated her first Christmas last year.

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ASL Discoveries- Words related to September

Our names are Elizabeth and Julia and we can not wait to help you learn sign language!

We are ASL Discoveries and we hope you enjoying learning sign as much as we love teaching it.

 asl discoveries logo

Since the month of September is when school begins we decided to incorporate words related to school.

1. Mommy          5. Friends 
2. School            6. Play
3. Daddy             7. Teacher
4. Homework      8. Student

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Laugh-A-Lot Poetry! – Pet Poem Challenge

Each month Momee Friends will be featuring a poem written by Local Award Winning Author and Poet Darren Sardelli. He will be providing content for our Kidee Section on Momee Friends with his own poetry page. Our hope is to inspire kids to write and be creative with their writing in a poetry form. Each month there will be a new topic and tip given. This month’s topic is about a pet.



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