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A local Momee Friend has started an amazing business on Etsy that we have to tell you about.

Jackie Corcoran makes products that are good for your skin and are vegan and cruelty free. We love her products and highly recommend buying them and using them to make your skin and lips feel smooth without all the harsh chemicals. 

 Jackie says, “I started my business in 2015 shorty after I had my daughter. At the time I was pregnant I was looking for a good sugar scrub to use. I looked everywhere and not only was it difficult to find one but their list of ingredients seemed a mile long! I didn’t want to put this on my body, especially pregnant. I started researching and making my own. They were very basic at first, just sugar and oil. I’ve since developed my own method and managed to keep it chemical and preservative free. The list of ingredients are very short, all comprised of cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E and sugar. The sugar scrubs will leave your skin hydrated but never feeling greasy. I slowly started to add more and more products to my line and in 2016 I became incorporated.”


I was speaking with Jackie one day and saw that she makes her own products and I had to try them. I suffer from dry skin and the Whipped Body Polish makes my skin feel smooth and radiant. My absolute favorite product is the pout polish. If you suffer from dry chapped lips like I do, you will love this product. It pairs perfectly with the Pout Balm. I am loving the fall scents right now. Pumpkin Spice Latte is amazing for all those who love a pumpkin scent in the fall. I truly love these products.

Overall you will be 100% happy you bought these products because you are buying locally from a fellow Mom and you are buying products that are vegan and cruelty free. Check out the selection of products she has to offer and on her Etsy page she has even more scents and flavors to choose from.  

Mothered by Nature —> ETSY PAGE 



Whipped Sugar Scrubs

“Our whipped body polish is made from our own secret recipe and is butter based not oil based. It will leave you feeling completely moisturized and hydrated rather than oily. We don’t use any waxes or chemicals and all of our colors come from the amazing ingredients we put in and are 100% natural. “




Face & Body Bar

“Approx 3-3.5 oz bar of our handmade, vegan, Vanilla Sandalwood soap! Warm, rich and comforting. Unlike store-bought soaps that contain harsh cancer causing ingredients, our soap contains no detergents, surfactants, sulfates, chemicals, alcohol, SLS OR SLES.”




Pout Polish

“What is pout polish? It’s so much more than oil and sugar. We have hand crafted our signature Pout Polish with shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, olive oil and vitamin E to restore dry lips to perfection!
So many delicious, zero calorie flavors to choose from! “




Pout Balm

“Made in small batches and hand poured, our pout balm is the perfect ending to your pout polish! Locks in moisture and keeps your lips supple and smooth. Look for the matching flavor to your pout polish! “


Dusting Powder


“Let’s talk for a second. Do you know how bad for you store bought powders really are?! Drop the store bought garbage and invest in your health! Our dusting powder is 99% natural and silky smooth! It will also keep you dry and smelling fresh all day long! It will also act as a mild deodorant!
Sprinkle it everywhere! Yes, everywhere!

Our dusting powder absorbs bad odor even reduce sweating and chafing. No harsh chemicals and especially no talc! Choose from all your favorite scents to complete your beauty routine.
Made with organic arrow root powder, kaolin clay, corn starch, baking soda, essential oils or fragrance oil.

It even doubles as an amazing dry shampoo for those lazy days when you don’t want to wash your hair!”

This listing is for one 6oz jar


Mothered by Nature Perfume Oil

“Roll-on perfume made with fractioned coconut oil, pure essential oils and our pure grade fragrance oils.
Pure perfume oil is a bit subtle, not overpowering as some store bought fragrances can be.
To use, massage into your wrists, on your neck and behind your ears. Apply throughout the day as needed.



Vegan Beard Oil and Vegan Beard Wax

There are also great products for the men in your lives that have beards and want their “beards to feel longer, stronger and shiner without a sticky or oily feel. 

Our premium beard oil is made from only the purest oils of jamaican black castor oil, macadamia nut oil and jojoba oil.

Vegan and all natural, our beard balm melts into the warmth of your hands for smooth application. A little goes a long way!
Made with candelilla wax, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils.
Use daily to keep your beard conditioned and strong! “




Mothered by Nature —> ETSY PAGE

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We love supporting local businesses and I love products that are good for your skin and do not contain harsh chemicals. Check out her Etsy page for a full list of her products and you will see how affordable these products are. We love shopping local and I think you will love Mothered by Nature, too!




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