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Pool Noodle Horses

How cute are these horses?

My daughter loves them and pretending to ride them around the house.

These are great for a western themed party for any little cowboy or cowgirl.


All you need to make these 5 pool noodle horses is:

5 pool noodles (any colors)

Wiggle Eyes


Sharpie Marker

2 pieces (any color) of 9″ x 12″ felt

Hot Glue Gun


Step 1 : 

Fold the noodle over and tie with twine

Step 2 (THE FELT) :

Draw on the felt like shown below

Cut along the black lines and these pieces will be used for the ears

Left over pieces keep close by we are going to use these for the mane

Now put the ears on the horse by using a hot glue gun.

Next using 1 piece of the extra felt; cut with scissor making little cuts to make it look like hair of the mane.

Glue the mane on the horse

Step 3:

Hot Glue the eyes on the horse.

Using the sharpie make the nostrils on the nose of the horse.

You have finished your noodle horses.

I am sure your child will love these horse as much as my daughter does.

From my Momee craft corner to yours. I saw these all over Pinterest and had to make my own : )

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