Bunny & Chick Juice Boxes

Have an Easter classroom party coming up?

These adorable juice boxes are easy to make and will brighten up your party table. They make for really adorable pictures, too!

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Darlings & Divas- Interactive Story Time

Waltzing warthogs, monkeys doing the cha cha, and the most graceful giraffe you ever did see – just a few of the characters we read about in Giraffes Can’t Dance!  We had an amazing time sharing this story with the kids at Darlings & Divas in Amityville. 

darlings and divas Story

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Interactive Story Time- Time To Sleep

We had a great time reading Time to Sleep, by Denise Fleming with our little friends at the Sweetbriar Nature Center.We read the story last week and did a fun sensory craft and activity to go along with the book.

time to sleep

Ms. Ann begins her story time greeting all her friends and their parents/ caregivers. We sit comfortably on the floor with enough room for all to enjoy the story being read. Time to Sleep is a great book to discuss and understand hibernation of animals during the winter to a child.

“Bear sniffed once.
She sniffed twice.
‘I smell winter in the air. . . .'”

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Lion Mask Craft

We are so excited for The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar  that premieres tonight on the Disney Channel! My girls love to “ROAR” every time the commercial comes on, so I thought how cute it would be if they had masks to wear during the movie.

lion masks

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Kids Wearable Snake Craft

Kids will love this craft since it can be worn on their arm and look like a snake. My lil peanut got a kick out of this snake craft and she loved his long red tongue. Easy and inexpensive to make!

snake 3

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