family phototHi, my name is Anne Caminiti!

I’m married to a wonderful man (Mike) and together we have two beautiful little girls (Mia) who is currently a school age girl who is loving new experiences and Olivia who is currently in the toddler stage (which can be challenging at times) but, we are conquering all obstacles, succesfully. I love being a mom and doing great things as a family on Long Island.  I figured I would start a blog sharing all the  fun and helpful stuff the island has to offer!  I hope you enjoy my blog and find it informative! Please feel free to comment and share your experiences with all your fellow MomeeFriends! I want this blog to be for all of us and I want it to be an enjoyable site that you absolutely love to visit! 


News 12 Summer 2017



Kady Rose Francesconi: NYC Correspondent

 Hey Long Island! Kady Rose here. I grew up on the beautiful Island of Long and will never stray very far… how could you?! After graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, the Big Apple stole my heart (and my paychecks!). I’ve been working in NYC for 9 years and living here for 5, enjoying every aspect of this incredible city.

 One of the reasons I have not strayed very far is Momee Friends very own, Anne Caminiti. Since a beautiful new school day in 2001 she has captured my attention and my admiration. I could not be more proud of the awareness and resources she has brought to Long Island families with her blog and website and am so happy to be a part of it!


    I am also a fellow crafter; follow me on Instagram and twitter! @kraftykady 





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Look forward to talking with you!


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We are honored to have been nominated for Best Blog On Long Island for the past two years! 


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  1. Hi Anne, It’s Lauri, Tony’s sister in law. I saw the ad in the paper and had to say hi. You look great and the baby is beautiful. I hope you’re enjoying motherhood. Looks like you are. Take care!


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