Kwik Stix

We love Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip because it is a tempera paint that dries in 90 seconds! Yes, 90 seconds.

How awesome is that? We tested it out and wanted to show you how awesome these really are.

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Carson Optical AdventurePak™ and BugView™ for Kids

Let’s get out and explore with our kids with these amazing tools from Carson Optical.

The Carson AdventurePak™ and BugView™ are the perfect gifts for kids to get a better view of animals, bugs, trees, flowers and so much more. We love to hike and explore our local nature centers and we never forget these great tools from Carson. They are high quality products/ tools that we highly recommend. 

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Radz- Candy Dispensers

We are excited about the perfect dose of yummy and stylish with Radz candy dispensers for Back to School!

It wouldn’t be Radz if there was not candy inside. Radz is making going back to school so much sweeter with these adorable candy dispensers.

Our backpacks look super fun thanks to our Radz Plusheez Clips and we are enjoying one of our favorite candies with these fun Radz Candy Dispensers that also make a great backpack clip, too. 

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Back to School Fun With Bulls i Toy!

It is almost time for Back to School and we are looking for some stylish fun to add to the excitement of back to school.

Our friends at Bulls i Toy have some surprise packs that your kids will love to open and put in their backpack or even wear to school and show all their friends. You can find everything listed below in-store at your local Target!

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Back-to-School/ Educational Games by Pressman Toys and JAX Games

School is starting very soon and we have ideas for some fun back-to-school/educational games by our friends at Pressman Toys and JAX Games.

Learning should always be fun and something kids and adults enjoy. We love games that can help reinforce skills that children have taken a break from over the summer.

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Big Mouth Inc. Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler

We are having a blast with the Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler that we got from Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford!

There is no way that your kids will not love this BigMouth Inc. sprinkler. We are filled with excitement on this perfect summer day in the sun!🦄

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