Staying Hydrated with B. Fit Long Island

We all know keeping hydrated is important. Water is optimal.  I know many people think water is bland and need some more flavor. Juices are often high in sugar and calories.

Here are some healthy ideas to keep you and your kids hydrated.

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Yoplait Mixed Berry Smoothie

Delicious Smoothie with lots of vitamins that your whole family will enjoy to eat.

So easy to make a 2 year old can do it ( supervised of course! )


Mia loves helping blend this delicious smoothie together


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Cherry Banana-lico​us Breakfast

Cherry Bananalicous Breakfast

Cherries are out at the grocery store and are reasonably priced … Lets make the most of it and make a whole breakfast including them and bananas.

mommyblog2 literacy luau 006 mommyblog2 literacy luau 012

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Smoothie with Veggies… Delicious!

So we love Tropical Smoothie Café and they just came out with an Island Green Smoothie that we are loving!

It has Kale and Spinach in it and I thought what a great idea…

Kids love smoothies and this is a great way to incorporate greens ( that kids do not like so much) into their daily diet.

So I made my own at home.

ice cream 003

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Blended Fruit Smoothie

This is a smoothie sure to please… One of my favorites!

A wide variety of fruits are in this smoothie so you or your child will experience different fruit flavors.

mommy blog 1 008

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