Fun Bites

Have you heard of FunBites?

It is a wonderful bite-size food cutter that comes in a variety of shapes and colors that was made perfectly for little hands to help out in the kitchen, as well.

funbites 1 funbites 4
FunBites creates bite-size fun for Picky Eaters to make meal time a more exciting and enjoyable experience for both the child and parent.

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Wet Head Challenge

We love this new game and I know you will, too.

 Adults and kids will love playing and I guarantee it will bring lots of laughs to a family BBQ, game night or birthday party. Will you be the Wet Head at your next family get together?

wethead 2

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Absorption and Color Science

 A friend of mine bought Mia a subscription to Green Craft KidsThis was such a great gift and Mia was so excited to get a box in the mail.

This box was Wacky Water Science and came with three activities, all the materials needed, fun hydrology facts and a sticker when all the activities were complete that said Hydrology Expert!

craft craft1

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Beach Must-Haves for Families

 beach5 beach17


Bringing your family to the beach for the day has to be planned out. Kids need a lot of stuff and there are some great products out there that can make the beach day so much easier. A local Momee friend asked me to come up with this list and I thought it was a great idea for a post.

Momee Friend Nicole, “Now that summer is coming here (and I have 3 kids) I’ve been searching the internet for a “list” of all the cool, must have accessories For example, I have a pop up tent for the kids that I LOVE! I’ve also seen this collapsable wagon that is so sturdy kids can sit in! I was just wondering if you did a blog like this or would mind accepting the challenge of such a difficult task! LOL! With 3 kids, the beach can take as much planning as a mini vacation!”

Here is a list I came up with:

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Possible Danger with Popular Children’s Toy

My daughter loved her seahorse from the time she was born and we always had it in the crib with her.

little mia pictures 006 little mia pictures 009

This has been brought to my attention now and I am so glad we were lucky enough not to experience the possible danger that can happen with this popular toy.

It is not only a fire hazard but the smoke fumes that can came from the battery pack can be harmful to your child.

Watch the video and you are going to be just as shocked as I was…

Please share this article with all of your Momee Friends and I thank ABC 7 Detroit for broadcasting this!

Step 2 lifestyle Custom Kitchen

soccer 004

Mia loves her kitchen that her Grandma and Grandpa bought for her.

Step 2 always makes great products and this one is one of those great products.

They are built to last and work efficiently.

lotion 005 lotion 007

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Disney Super Buddies – Movie Review and Craft

casserole 020 casserole 021

Rated G

Disney Super Buddies did not make it to theatres but was released on DVD and Blue Ray on August 27th, 2013

If you watch Disney Channel or Disney Junior you have probably seen the adorable commercial of these super puppies.

The movie was very cute, and Mia enjoyed it. Has Disney come out with better movies? Of course!

Is it the best dog movie available? No

However, the story is very cute and I enjoyed watching it with Mia.

It has a great story message that ” You don’t need Super Powers to be a Super Hero ” and I think that is so true.

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