Ways to Support a Child with Anxiety

a family sitting on the floor having problems

Anxiety is a feeling that can be felt at any stage of life. Since the pandemic there has been an increase in the number of children who experience anxiety and/or depression. Occassional anxiety is nothing to worry about, we have all experienced anxiety in our day to day lives. It is when those feelings interfere […]

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Thingamajig – Bouncy Bands

Our good friends at Bouncy Bands have a new sensory toy in their amazing collection. It is called the Thingamajig. The Thingamajig is a Fun Sensory Pillow Activity Toy that your child can use to help them relax and focus. *this toy is geared for children ages 3-8 It helps improve fine motor skills, problem […]

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Bouncyband® products we love

Have you heard of Bouncy Bands? Their product line is fabulous and helps kids and adults stay on task while working from home. My girls love the bouncy band products and we highly recommend checking out their line to find a product that will help you or your child fidget less and help with staying […]

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