Sunflower Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

My family and I love Chocolate Chip Cookies. It is one of our favorite desserts to make and eat.

These cookies have some great alternative ingredients to what you would normally use in your recipe. For instance, instead of peanut butter I used sunflower butter and instead of white sugar I used coconut and brown sugar. Let’s face it a cookie is a cookie and should be eaten in moderation but, I feel better using these ingredients instead of some of the ones I used to use. Have you tried coconut sugar? I like it so much better than white sugar.

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Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

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There is nothing like some warm banana bread out of the oven…

I am a huge fan of bananas and chocolate so I could not resist adding them to this recipe I found on allrecipes

I just added some yummy chocolate chips to the recipe ( which makes great banana bread)

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