DIY Moana Costume

My girls love Moana and I knew I had to come up with my own costume for my oldest daughter to wear.

Of course, I used items I already had to make an inexpensive version of Moana’s outfit in the movie. I even made a cardboard oar to complete the costume.

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Momee Friends Square Circle

Inspired by a simple request for handmade items from Bob Policastro of Angela’s House, we would like to keep the spirit of giving alive year round by providing warmth to those in need.

Calling all sew-ers, knitters, and crocheters!

Momee Friends Square Cirlce

We will begin collecting 8” x 8” hand-knit or crocheted squares of any color and any stitch which will be joined together to make Afghans, scarves, and hats for patients receiving chemotherapy, children in emergency shelters or foster care, and medically frail patients receiving care at Angela’s House throughout the year.

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