Blo Blow-Dry Bar Glen Clove Road

Step Inside Blo Blow-Dry Bar in Greenvale for high quality service where their stylists can not wait to treat your tresses!

Imagine experiencing a wash, blo & go service that can get you fab-in-a-flash. We got to experience the amazing service of Blo and you can, too.

We have a Giveaway opportunity that you will not want to miss out on and we have the information, below…


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Hair We Share

What if going to get haircut could make a difference in someone else’s life? You can and Hair We Share does that each day by turning donated ponytails into high quality wigs for kids and individuals who can not afford one and need a wig due to medical hair-loss issues.


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Princess Elsa Wreath – Frozen Inspired

My daughter just like every other child is obsessed with Frozen! She loves Princess Elsa.

I was excited to make a Frozen wreath for her bedroom door for the holidays.

(But, I will probably keep it up year round since she will demand it stay up!)


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Darlings & Divas of Amityville

This has to be one of the cutest places on Long Island for girls ages 3 to 13!

If you are looking for the ultimate girly party Darlings & Divas is the place to go! They also do a lot of great events here as well.

Every girl wants to feel like a princess no matter their age and at Darlings & Divas your little girl we leave feeling like a princess.

divaschocbark 031 995319_568872923163028_809005293_n

Darlings & Divas is owned by two amazing Amityville Momees; Lisa and Dina. They both have young children and as parents know exactly what they would be looking for as a place to go with their daughters.

So, they decided to design a space that incorporates their vision and in my opinion they have done an amazing job. This place is gorgeous and a little girl’s dream place to hang out in at all times.

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Product Review- “Knot Genie”

I have been searching for the best brush to help me with Mia’s hair. She hates to have her hair brushed and at 22 months she screams “No No No” when I go to brush it.

Until I purchased a Knot Genie and I am so glad I did.

Knot-Genie Knot_Genie_Group_Alone

Mia now likes to brush her own hair… Yes brush her own hair! At 22 months old this kid can be a tough cookie and she knows what she wants. She has been brushing her teeth on her own and now each morning we have added brushing our hair to the ” on our own to the list ” as well.

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LuLu’s Hair Skin Nails & Massage

Lu Lu’s Hair Salon in West Islip has a very talented staff with a variety of beauty services.

I highly recommend this salon for all of your beauty needs from: hair, makeup, waxing, massages, facials and nails.


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