National Pet Month- May Contest

I have a contest going on through my Facebook page that I wanted to share on my blog….

I want your photos of your four legged furry children with your children to show how wonderful a family pet can be.

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In honor of National Pet Month if you were considering adopting a pet please do so by checking out a local Long Island site:

Save- A -Pet where they give tips on adoption and how to care for a pet as well as, local animals that need homes.

I think Pets are great family members in homes… so I am doing a contest where all of you can show off your furry four legged child with your children.

Please submit your photos to my email :

or in a message on my facebook page Momee Friends of Long Island

The winner will be announced on Wednesday May 29th, 2013 at 11:59 pm!

Here is my Mia with our kitty Norman… they love each other so much

miafeb2 034

Pet Companions

     I received an email from a fellow Momee Friend who asked:

How important is it for a child to have a pet companion?

Every child loves animals and I feel whether it is a four legged friend, a buddy swimming in a bowl or a creepy crawly friend each child will feel a bond with their pet.

It also helps kids learn how to love and care for someone else besides themselves. Responsibility is a great lesson learned.

Did you know that the month of May is National Pet Month in the United States;so if you were thinking of adopting a pet or buying one for your child do so in celebration this month.

There are plenty of animal shelters that are looking for homes for our furry friends. Just make sure they let you know if these pets can go to homes with little ones 🙂

For example, my daughter Mia is in love with our Kitty. Norman is part of the family and the happiness that he brings Mia is wonderful and a different kind of happiness than when she sees her family and friends. She is in love with him and if she cries or is grumpy if Norman passes by she can not resist to go over and hug him and smile.

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