Road safety is a matter each of us must pay attention to. One single mistake made on the road can lead to serious injuries and even death. It is because of this that would-be drivers are obligated to earn their licenses, which also comes with a series of seminars, documentation, and training. In hopes that these individuals don’t make wrong moves with bad results, authorities push these requirements before making a person a licensed driver.

But motorists are not the only ones who are susceptible to miscalculations on the road. Pedestrians are also liable at times because of carelessness. Their cases also fall under the category of road mishaps and could also lead to injuries or loss of lives.

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Water Wise Water Safety Kids Art Contest

YMCA of Long Island & Stew Leonard III Children’s Charities Announce Water Wise Water Safety Kids Art Contest

Water Wise Contest

Partnership Focuses on Promoting Water Safety Awareness Ahead of Swim Season

The YMCA of Long Island announced today that it has partnered with Stew Leonard III Children’s Charities, Inc. to launch the inaugural Water Wise Water Safety Kids Art Contest to help make children more aware of the importance of water safety. Children age 12 and under are encouraged to use this unique opportunity to express their artistic interpretations of water safety and share their own tips for peers. Both organizations strive to educate and engage local communities about the importance of being a responsible swimmer, and this joint venture is the latest initiative aimed at keeping Long Islanders safe this summer.

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Effectively Examining the Safety Measures of Your Child’s School

Guest Post from Free Lance Writer : Amy Patterson


The primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of a child lies with the parents. As most parents are already aware, the task of protecting your child is not limited to the boundaries of the home only. It is important that parents make it their duty to examine all the premises that their child will spend a portion of their day at. This encompasses one of the most important locations, the school.

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Are you CPR certified?

Whether you are in the medical profession or not I feel it is very important to know CPR. If your loved one, friend or even a stranger on the street needs your help in an emergency situation it is better to e prepared.

cpr cpr2

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How can I take a class/ get CPR certified?

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