Stop Arguing Start Listening

According to the Cambridge dictionary to argue means, “to disagree especially strongly and sometimes angrily in talking or discussing something.” If you read my article, “Are You Listening?” you might be noticing how well you really listen to others when they speak. Hopefully, you are practicing some of the insider tips in how to be an effective listener and speaker. Be aware when trying to make self-improvements, it’s easier to practice new skills when you’re not under pressure. This prepares you to be ready and avoid a meltdown when things get heated.

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The “Texting Trap!”

Just the other day, I was on the phone with someone who insisted on texting and not talking. I am a communicator and need to talk things out from time to time. If I’m not given this option, it is tempting to fall into the “Texting Trap” as what might seem to be the only option of communication. This texting era makes it almost impossible for both people to understand what the other person is thinking and feeling. This even applies even to adults. The results of texting a concern that can lead into a potential conflict, can be even worse or just as bad when texting with tween or teen.

CBC- texting article

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Connection over Correction

How many times do you find yourself yelling something at your kids?

Get your feet down!  Stop hitting your sister!  Sit still!

Do those phrases come from your mouth non-stop all day long?

If so, it’s time to learn how to change the conversation.

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