Adventure Park Long Island- Our Family Day in the Trees

We had the most amazing day in the trees at The Adventure Park at Long Island in Wheatley Heights this weekend. I have to say that in just one visit it has become our new favorite place to go on Long Island and we highly recommend you checking it out.

Are you ready to experience adventure? Have lots of fun? Conquer fears and test your limits? Enjoy being in nature? Doing something exciting with your family and friends?  Then, you have to book your climb for the 2018 season at The Adventure Park. You will be so glad you did.   

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Goliath Games/Pressman Toy – Family Fun Game Ideas

Our family loves a Family Game Night and sometimes our Sundays are spent playing board games for most of the day.

Goliath Games and Pressman Toys have some of our favorite games and we wanted to share some of them with you. So, whether you are looking for a gift idea or just a game to add to your collection we have a fun list below.

And we are super excited about the GIVEAWAY we have going on, too! Will you be our winner?

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Creating Better Communication With Your Kids

Christine Egan is a mother of three teenagers. She is constantly working on feeling healthy in unexpected and delightful ways like creating better communication with her kids, even if it’s through texts.

christine egan

Creating Better Communication with your kids:

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Author Spotlight- Selene Castrovilla

Award Winning Long Island Teen & Children’s Author Selene Castrovilla. She is a local Momee of two teenage sons: Michael (19 years old) and Casey (14 years old).

mommyblog2 literacy luau 08310722_177543704497_792593_n

I got the joy of meeting Selene at the Connetquot Literacy Luau in May. She was one of the Long Island authors I met amongst many that I really enjoyed speaking with. I knew I needed to find out more about her, so I decided to spotlight her and share the information I learned about her with all of you.

 What would you say is your passion and your reason  for writing?

Selene: “My reason for being is writing and sharing words with the world. My passion is history and the humanity in it. “

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

Selene: “The minute I picked up a pencil I knew how to use it. However it was not till I had my kids and I was in my 30s did I become a writer.”

Tell me about the book Revolutionary Friends (which is your latest book)?

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