Dorito Crusted Chicken Strips

Yup Nacho Cheese Dorito crumbles on my chicken strips. A fun way to add some crunch to your chicken and a great idea for a party dish.

doritochix 007

I bet the Cooler Ranch Doritos and the Hot Wing/Blue Cheese mix Doritos would be an amazing substitute as well

Doritos are a delicious chip that you can not resist. Imagine how good these chicken strips taste!

I know you have not even finished reading my recipe and you have already written Doritos down on your grocery list : )

So for ingredients all you need is:

 the obvious Doritos ( any flavor you choose )

doritochix 001

 2 eggs and boneless chicken strips

Here are the easy steps to make your delicious chicken strips:

 First preheat your oven to 375 Degrees F

 Next get a Ziploc bag and place about 20 chips in the bag and smash them ( with the bag closed )

you should have a bag of chips that look like this

doritochix 002

Next: set your chicken dipping station up, once you have cleaned your chicken ( you can add salt and pepper to the chicken as well )

in your station you need the chicken strips, eggs beaten in a dish and your ziploc bag of Dorito crumbles

doritochix 004

take each piece of chicken and put it in the egg dish and coat entirely and then place the egg covered chicken in the Ziploc bag and shake it up. Place on a baking sheet

Once you have done this to all your pieces. Place in the 375 Degree F oven for 14 minutes

doritochix 005

I pre-cut the chicken strips in half so they are kid sized pieces and then place them on my plates

doritochix 006

Serve and enjoy! The Doritos that fall… eat them up a Dorito should never go to waste : )

I saw this idea on Spend with Pennies and had to try it. I know you and your family will be excited to try it as well.

This was a great idea and I can not wait to try more chips crumbled in a bag to coat my chicken strips with.

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  1. My friend Marisol wrote on her Facebook page:
    Thx to my friend Anne Mike for this amazing find! Made it for lunch today for Seb and I and the verdict was, “mmmm how many more of these did you make?!”

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