Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

These just look adorable and are great for little hands to eat a cupcake

mattyeric 078

All you need is Ice Cream Cones and your favorite Cake Mix ( we love Betty Crocker )

mattyeric 061

I added mini Nestle Toll House chocolate chips to the batter

mattyeric 063

I then put the cones in my perfect brownie pan from pampered chef <—– click here for another recipe I made with the brownie pan

and added the cake batter. I did this in case the cake batter spills over the cones

mattyeric 064

and as you can see some cake batter did spill over … so I am glad I had my Perfect Brownie Pan

mattyeric 066

Then comes time to choose your favorite toppings

mattyeric 067

You can seriously add anything on top of these and they will look great!

mattyeric 078

Mia loves them… I just added a little whip cream and sprinkles to hers and she was happy

mattyeric 083

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