Rainbocorns by Zuru Toys

Our day was filled with magical excitement as the girls and I got the first look at Rainbocorns by Zuru Toys Company!

The girls could not wait to see what one of the 12 Rainbocorns were inside their eggs. Would the ultra rare twins be inside?

As your kids unwrap these giant Unicorn eggs they will be filled with delight till they uncover what is inside.


We figured out from the guide inside the egg that we got Gigi (a kittycorn) and Scout (a puppycorn)! They are beyond cute.

You do not just get an adorable plush, each rainbocorn comes with a sequin surprise clip on their bellies. I love the designs on the belly. We got a donut and a heart crown.



In each egg you’ll also find one of 22 Boo-Boocorns! These are so cute, too. My girls loved them as much as their new plush.




My girls love unicorns, rainbows, cuddly plush toys, reversible sequins, and surprises so this collectible toy checked off all the boxes of what the perfect toy could be and it is available to purchase. If the child in your life loves all the things I just mentioned than this would be the perfect for them.



I loved the reaction when they opened the box and saw what was inside:


Visit their website —> HERE


You can purchase these at your local Target or K-Mart.


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