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“For more than 40 years, Huntington Learning Center has offered several different types of tutoring programs for children ages 6-17—including reading, writing, math, study skills, spelling, phonics, ADHD, Common Core, and test prep for ACT and SAT to name a few. Their mission is to give every student the best education possible and realize “I can” when it comes to school success.”
We recently visited the Smithtown location and had such a wonderful experience. My husband and I want my daughter to be more confident in herself and in her schoolwork. We know she can do it and we want her to know she can do it, too. I want her to love learning and not get frustrated whether she is at school doing her work or at home with us when she is doing her homework after school or just reading a new book.

When we arrived for our General Tutoring Academic Evaluation, we were greeted by Lindsay Klass (Assistant Director) and Jeanne Ann Porcaro (Center Director). They were welcoming and so kind to the girls and myself.

My daughter was excited to begin her evaluation with Jeanne Ann. On our way to the location I explained to her that she was going to have fun at Huntington Learning Center doing some reading and math for a few hours. I told her this is not a test, I want her to relax and have fun reading and writing with her tutor. The pep talk worked and she had fun with her evaluation. Jeanne Ann made my daughter feel comfortable throughout the duration of the assessment and she was an exceptional tutor not only in her teaching skills but, also in the non-intimidating delivery of the assessment.

Throughout the evaluation my daughter was tested on her visual-motor skills, oral reading, silent reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension and math. I loved that the evaluation was done one on one so that her needs academically are seen and we can improve on her weaknesses and can pinpoint her strengths. Huntington Learning Centers are known for building your child’s confidence through discovering “I can!”



My daughter left the evaluation with a huge smile and looking forward to returning to work with Jeanne Ann, again. She was excited to tell her little sister, daddy and I all about her experience.


The following week I returned and spoke with Jeanne Ann about my daughter’s evaluation and how she did at her grade-level which is first grade going into second grade. I appreciated the feedback and I felt the recommendations were very fair and on point. I was given a binder with our results of each test. The breakdown of each test included the purpose of the test, how they administered the test, the results, the Huntington Goal, if the goal was met and the Huntington focus.
You work with them to find the best schedule to fit your child’s needs and availability.


I feel that the Huntington evaluation exceeded my expectations and I feel that their tutoring programs are exceptional. They have a history of success stories since 1977 and “Huntington Learning Center is dedicated to not only meeting, but exceeding today’s top education standards. Corporate level and regional accreditation is a symbol of our organization’s commitment to integrity.”

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We highly recommend Huntington Learning Centers and after you visit, I know you will too!

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