Sea of Japan by Keita Nagano

The Sea of Japan is a great read from a best selling Japanese author, Keita Nagano. 

If you want to immerse yourself into a great book that includes romance and suspense we highly recommend this novel of a young American woman’s journey to Japan.


After fleeing a disastrous teaching job (and a bad gambling habit) in Boston, Lindsey starts teaching English in Hime, a small fishing town in Japan. One morning, while trying to snap the perfect ocean sunrise photo for her mother, she slips off a rock at the edge of Toyama Bay, hits her head, and plunges into the sea—and in doing so, sets off an unexpected chain of events.
When Lindsey comes to in the hospital, she learns that she owes her life to a young man named Ichiro—a local fisherman who also happens to be the older brother of one of her students. She begins to spend time with her lifesaver, and in the ensuing months, she becomes increasingly enmeshed in her new life: when she is not busy teaching, she splits her time between an apprenticeship with the local master sushi chef and going out fishing with Ichiro. As she and Ichiro grow closer, however, she also learns that not all is well in Hime, and she is drawn into a war to stop the town next door from overfishing their shared bay. Soon, she, Ichiro, and her pastrami-obsessed best friend, Judy—the New Yorker, who talked Lindsey into coming to Japan in the first place—are spending all their free time working together to rescue the town. But when their efforts backfire, Hime gets closer to falling apart—putting Lindsey’s friends, her budding relationship with Ichiro, and her career in jeopardy. To save Hime, Lindsey realizes, she’ll have to become a true American fisherwoman and fight for her new home with everything she has.


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A question was given to Keita Nagaino from PR by the Book,  “If your book was turned into a movie, who would you like to play the main characters?” this is how he answered: 
“Anna Kendrick for Lindsey. She is almost same age as Lindsey, and her mixture of defiance and inner smartness, and easy to be furious for unfairness is the right cast. More so, it is my dream that Clint Eastwood, my hero, plays Lindsey’s grandpa who is the best fisherman in America and sailed out to the Sea of Japan with Lindsey for his final fishing trip.”

I truly loved the book and if the book was turned into a movie, I think Keita’s suggestions of actors to play the parts of two of the main characters would be perfect. I loved Lindsey’s character and I think this book could be an excellent movie. As you read the book you get immersed into Lindsey’s character and you find yourself not being able to put the book down because you want to see how the story ends. Highly recommend reading it!


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