Stacktopus by Playmonster

Stacktopus is the latest game we have added to our Family Game Night collection. This game is hilarious fun for all ages. How will you do racing to complete the design on the card with your octopus tentacle fingers? It is laugh out loud fun for all ages because these octopus fingers level the playing field since each player must wear these sea fingers in order to play.


Are you ready? Get set… 

Stack your cups

stacktopus 2

It will not be an easy task to complete the design on the card. But, it will be fun!


“Have you imagined the things you could do with octopus hands? Now you can! To play Stacktopus, players have to race to stack colored cups to match the designs on the colorful cards while wearing three silly sea fingers and use only those fingers to grasp, hold and maneuver the cups. This game is perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation. Get competitive and play with everybody in the household.”



For 2 to 3 players, ages 5 and up

stacktopus game

Can be purchased at Walmart —>HERE

Highly recommend for family fun and Momee Friends approved! : )

stacktopus 3



This was one of our favorite games seen at the Toy Fair NY!

We had the best time seeing this game in the Playmonster booth at the NY Toy Fair. There are a lot of great things to come from Playmonster this year. We are so excited to show you with some great features.



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