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“MEandMine is a new play experience that makes a child’s journey of self-discovery the most fun, mind-blowing and inspiring hands-on adventure. We help kids discover all the marvelous ways their body and emotions work to help them grow. This helps them face the wild road of life ahead with excitement, confidence, creativity, and resilience.”

When our box arrived the girls were so excited to get started. 


This set was a wonderful experience because we read a story, then we were able to get crafty and build together, and then we were able to play and complete a task together, as a team.

In the video below the girls are working together for a common goal with this Coral-laboration box set.

The goal is to get Sunny and her egg home safe!

This set is wonderful for having your children work together to complete a task as a team. I love the name Coral-laboration!




This box set included a special mission…
“Our sea friend and her baby egg are in danger! Ocean rescue squad, let’s team up and work together to send them home. Learn teamwork in this action-packed adventure under the sea.” (Designed for 2-4 players)


Ages 3-6 | Build Time: 30-40 mins


We had so much fun…




We highly recommend ordering a set for your kids!






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