Backyard Obstacle Course

We enjoyed the beautiful weather with an outdoor obstacle course. We gathered things we had in the backyard to use and took turns setting up different courses for everyone to complete.

The obstacle courses were fun for all of us and I highly recommend doing this with your family. Be sure to take lots of pictures when your kids are doing the course you will get some incredible photos. I love the ones we captured.

backyard oc 7


The girls ran and hopped through hula hoops.


They even took a moment to Hula Hoop.


I loved the idea of jumping on the beach ball to see if they could stay on without rolling off.

backyard oc

On one of the obstacle courses the girls made our playset part of the course and you had to climb up the rock wall then, slide down the slide.


The girls loved building their own obstacle course. Check it out in the video, below.

Ready, Set, Go…


I love that the girls took completing the course so seriously. Look at that face expression I captured as my youngest was running the course. That is a look of focus and determination. : )

backyard oc 8


Have fun making your own obstacle course in your backyard. We know you will creat something awesome.


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