Getting Crafty with Nature!

The girls are having so much fun with small rocks, sticks, grass, leaves and dandelions that they are collecting in the backyard so they can make some fun art.

Creating art with these outdoor materials is an open-ended activity that allows your child to be as creative as they want because there is no wrong way to use the materials and what they create is up to them. So. go on a backyard nature treasure hunt with your child and allow them to create whatever comes to mind.Β 


Below are some fun ideas you can create:


Nature Mandala

My daughter was inspired by her art teacher to make a Nature Mandala. I had to share this because it is easy to make. We have been collecting “nature treasures” in the backyard and I loved when my daughter’s teacher shared this in her google classroom as a project for the kids to do.


Nature Faces

Check out these adorable nature faces!

My daughter couldn’t resist the opportunity to use some glue and glue one of her creations onto a piece of paper. She used sticks, rocks, leaves, wildflowers and grass.








Here are some Pinterest Ideas we love and can not wait to try:



I love these Nature Paint Brushes. I bet the kids would have fun painting with these. All you would need is some rubber bands, sticks, leaves, grass and wildflowers.


I would love to hang this in our home made of painted sticks…



We love collecting Dandelions and this is a great fine motor activity.




Happy Nature Crafting!Β 

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