Backyard / Beach MUST HAVES for family fun!

We love spending time outdoors as a family and we really enjoy playing games! Whether we are having a family BBQ or headed to the beach there are some must-have games that you and your family will have to get. On Long Island we have the greatest toy store, Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford and they always keep us in the loop with the latest and greatest must-haves. Check out some great outdoor fun ideas below:

*Itza Badminton!

This popular, portable set is perfect for backyard, beach or after school badminton fun! It sets up in minutes, travels easily and itza fun for the whole family!

Itza Badminton Set:

  • Portable badminton set is ideal for quick set up and take downs

  • Comes with everything you need for your badminton fun

  • Freestanding badminton set includes: 2 rackets, 2 shuttlecocks, carry case that doubles as the base, extending poles, and 1 net

  • Sets up in less than 2 minutes and breaks down even quicker

  • Ideal for the beach, backyard, tailgate party, can even be used in a pool

  • Telescoping poles pull open to full height

  • Poles click into place on each side of the carrying case

  • Net slips over the poles

Get yours: HERE



The next generation corn hole, is the best lawn/ beach/ tailgate/ pool/ indoor game!

Position BULZiBUCKET targets 12′-15′ apart based on skill level. Assign bag colors to teams of 2 players. Partners line up on opposite ends. Players alternate throwing until all 3 bags are thrown NOTE: BAG WITH BLACK DOT IS WORTH DOUBLE POINTS, aka the “Bulzi Bag” or “Money Bag”. Use deductive scoring to calculate points for each round, e.g. team A scores 8 and team B scores 5, team A is awarded 3 points. Continue playing until the first team reaches at least 21 points while winning by 2 or more points.

Get yours: HERE



EVERYONE CAN PLAY: Featuring an all-surface base, the All Surface Swingball Jr. is designed after the Classic but suitable for even younger kids & exciting competitive matches for the whole family. Tetherball-style game suitable for single or double play. PLAY ON ANY SURFACE: The durable, weather-resistant components are easily setup. The base offers amazing stability and can be weighted with sand or water for a sturdy anchor on any ground surface. PORTABLE: Easy to store and carry. All the parts conveniently fit into the locking carry base. From your backyard to the beach, you can have Swingball match anywhere!

Get yours: HERE 

*Spring Ring

Play a variety of games for hours with this catchy, throwing, bouncy, flingy, fun ring set. The large springy disks are great for use in a multitude of outdoor games. Bring it to the beach, the park, or your own back yard for great bouncing fun.

This set includes: 

2 spring ring disks, 1 rubber ball, and 1 splash ball

Get yours: HERE

*LED Hoop Fun

  • Includes ten intensely colorful LEDs

  • LEDs will flash or morph

  • Extend summer fun from day till night

  • Takes 3 AA batteries (included)

Hula with a rainbow! Set the ten intensely colorful LEDs to flash or morph and it’s easy to pretend that’s exactly what’s happening with this hoop that loops in multicolored whirls of twirls! Great way to extend summer fun from day till night. Approx. 28″ diam.; takes 3 AA batteries (included).

Get yours: HERE

*Indoor/Outdoor Giant Inflatable Bowling Game

You can set up these giant inflatable pins almost anywhere and each time invent ingenious ways to throw, kick, or otherwise go about bowling them over.

Get yours: HERE


Fun Stuff Toys has an amazing selection of kites, as well!

Check them out on their website: HERE

We hope you enjoy playing outdoors with your family. We know these outdoor games and toys will help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fun Stuff Toys says, “We know fun!”!

Located at: 3639 Merrick Rd Seaford, NY 11783

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