Original PBJ’s

When you hear PBJ , you think of a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, right? But, we are not talking about a sandwich we are talking about a fun and squishy fidget toy that anyone who touches it will not be able to resist squeezing it over and over, again. We could all use something to make us smile and help release some stress, right?

We are loving these collectible plush ball jellies from Streamline NYC and here is why:

Squishable and Squeezable

The PBJ’s are so much fun to squish and squeeze. The jelly ball inside comes out of the circular hole in the plush for laugh out loud fun. Once you start squeezing it you will not want to stop, it is addictively fun to hold.

Relieves Stress

My girls are loving their PBJ’s and they keep them at their desks while doing their remote learning school work. Whenever they are feeling overwhelmed or need a quick break they squeeze these and feel better.

Clever Names

We couldn’t resist Spike the Hedgehog and Sizzle the Pig. Other names include: Slowpoke the Sloth and Swoosh the Basketball.

Collectible Toy

They are a collectible and my girls love collecting toys that they love! The collections of these plush ball jellies include Monsters, Barnyard Animals, Sports balls, Sealife, Wildlife, there is even a Halloween series and more.

See the entire line and purchase yours: PBJ’s

About Streamline NYC

“Today our design team continues to navigate popular trends around the world, enhancing our ever growing collection of uniquely foraged treasures, that have purpose and often solve a problem. We offer an attractively broad range of creative gifts to delight a variety of personalities, that are fun to look at, artful, nostalgic, and often inspired by Nature.”

Shop from the site : HERE

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