Geomag toys

Geomag Toys encourage creativity through play. The sets are very well-made and are certified. My girls love playing with their Geomag Toys and they make great gifts for birthdays and holidays.

We had the opportunity to play with the 95 piece Geomag Gravity Challenge set and my 9 year old loved working with her 6 year old sister to construct and play with this set. The girls constructed a magnetic cannon and challenged each other to see who could score more goals.

I love that the girls were able to work together on this set while enjoying STEM learning.

This Geomag 95pc Gravity Challenge set promotes hands-on learning and offers a creative approach to problem-solving. It is ideal to help children learn about mechanics, motion, gravity and forces in a fun an exciting way.


 Geomag Magicube Polar Friends

This is a great selection for children who are younger and it helps build hand to eye coordination and start the foundations of STEM. This has such adorable and clear images on the cubes.

Great for ages 16 months and up

Our Wish List Includes:

The girls have already added a couple of the other Geomag sets available to their Holiday Wish List. They hope Santa leaves these under our Christmas Tree this year.

Geomag GREEN LINE Color Magnetic Building Set 93pc

Geomag Race Track- 115 pieces

Geomag GREEN LINE Panels Magnetic Building Set 78pc


WEBSITE for Geomag

We encourage you to check out the Geomagworld Website to see their amazing efforts and initiatives. The line of toys are made beautifully and encourage STEM learning with magnetic construction toys for all ages.

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