Remember to Smile

Author, Shannon Q. McDonald has written a children’s book about wearing face masks. Being a mom-of-two children, Shannon wanted to find a way to tell her kids about face masks in kid-friendly language while also making them laugh at the same time.

2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it? Our kids have been resilient during this time. But, some things can be hard to understand at a young age. For instance, wearing masks. As more and more places are requiring masks, and young children are having to experience so many new, confusing, and sometimes scary things, “Remember to Smile adds playfulness and laughs around mask-wearing to help kids see masks as something fun. With the help of some giggles and an adorable wiener dog based on the author’s family pup, Remember to Smile will help children become more comfortable with the idea of face masks, and encourage them to keep smiling, even if it is hidden from sight.”

My 6 year old daughter loves the colorful pages in the book and her older sister loves reading it with her, as well. We have had some really good conversations about masks and the coronavirus thanks to the book.

I love the one page wear the illustrations are of space and the girls smile as they see some fun illustrations. It is so true astronauts and superheroes wear masks and that is AWESOME! Each page is a magical surprise.

Highly recommend this book for kids ages 2 to and up.

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Remember to Smile proudly supports the COVID-19 Relief Fund (for Teachers and Students) through the non-profit organization Visit to learn more.

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