Perfect Gift Ideas for a Journalist in Your Family

It’s been testing times for journalists and the media in general. And while we can only really help them by believing in their honesty and integrity, gifts are unique. Considering that it’s nearly Christmas, you can help that journalist in your family by giving them something they would need or cherish. A gift that will make them feel better about themselves and the work they do. Many writing tools make it to our list of top gifts for that budding or thriving family member journalist as much of journalism is writing. Without further ado, these gift ideas are as follows.

Erasable Pens

There is perhaps little to distinguish between erasable pens and pencils in terms of functionality. But there is one crucial difference- erasable pens are more effective at what you are trying to achieve. You can rely on reviews from Nerdy Book Girl while deciding the best erasable pen for you. Let me explain, suppose you write something down and need to correct them. In such a scenario, both erasable pens and pencils will do the job. Remember, when you erase pencil marks with erasers, they leave marks? Such patterns are called ghosts and are an unavoidable result of using pencils and erasers.

In contrast, erasable pens leave little to absolutely no marks besides avoiding the rubber crumbs and the pencil lead leftovers. Most professionals, including journalists and writers, prefer to use pens when they note something down or make a mark. Erasable pens combine the best of the worlds of professionalism and changeability.


With subscription services cropping up almost every day, you might sometimes feel confused about which to choose. Nonetheless, there are some pretty neat subscription services that writers can benefit from. The first of such subscription types are healthy foods. Services like SnackNation and Blue Apron not only make up for a nice meal but also helps writers who are prone to skip meals or eat lots of generally unhealthy food. Some services like SCRIBEdelivery send out a monthly goodie parcel full of nice little things like notebooks, pens, and other items that writers might find inspirational. 

Another good option open to you is to give an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription or, for those who prefer to listen – a subscription to the Audiobook platform Audible. For the ultimate in learning experiences that let the budding journalist grow and grow both as a professional and a person is a subscription to MasterClass. You might also want to consider gifting a RescueTime app subscription. This app helps to ensure that you stay productive and even tracks the same. It allows people to remain focused and blocks distraction sites.


Is there any better way to relieve the stressful week than a game night? Most probably not. There is precisely no lack of games that provide hours of great fun to creatives. When we are talking about this, one cannot mention the simple and addictive nature of games like Bananagrams. Another game that just must be mentioned is the perennial favorite Scrabble. Another game that lets creative people flex their creative muscles is the award-winning Dixit game. You need to pair images to a relevant story here. Then, there is the Game of Things, where players note down answers to questions like what you wouldn’t do even for vast amounts of cash. To get ahead in the game, you need to guess who wrote what correctly. And lastly, for video game enthusiast writers, we must mention Elegy for a Dead World. It is a potentially stellar game to the right kind of person.

Decorative Items

Let’s face it; we all at times need to show our love. To exhibit this love for literature or writing in general, decorative gifts are a great option. Most bloggers and journalists alike have to keep a library of books organized. To this end, you can consider social-friendly or agate bookends to make a compelling statement about your love for reading and writing. Another great idea to give your family member a scratch-off novel chart. It helps so much in checking off those additional must-reads while also serving as excellent wall art. Another gift to consider is candles, especially the book-scented ones. You will also find plenty of candles themed around literary works.

Apparels Particularly Meant for Writers

Another group of journalists or writers profess their love for the written word in the most obvious way- their clothes and accessories. The clothes and accessories might range from earrings to bracelets to even cufflinks. One can order them through a variety of online stores and vendors. Tees with smart, literary captions are quite common and Out of Print Clothing has some of the best such literary tees out there. Additionally, all purchases you make also contribute to funding book donations and literary programs among lesser privileged communities. You can convey how vital and essential free press and journalism is, through tote bags.

Writing Resources

And lastly, what use are words if you don’t know how to use them? Books like The Emotion Thesaurus, Writer’s Market, On Writing Well are go-to books in their categories. Emotion Thesaurus helps with character development, Writer’s Market gives you detailed information on writing and journalism opportunities and On Writing Well helps you to write solid and effective nonfiction prose. Another title to mention when it comes to writing resources is The Writer’s Toolbox. The book is ideal for anyone facing writer’s block thanks to its varied creative writing exercises and prompts.

Though it would be rare indeed, some people might find all of these gift ideas unappealing or somewhat lacking in appeal. Or it might just be that you are in a real hurry as you saved things for the last hour. In such circumstances, the recommended solution is a simple gift card. It is a great way to let the journalist in your family buy what he wants as per your needs. Gift cards from Visa and Amazon should prove to be the most versatile, considering we are talking about a journalist. Visa gift cards are incredibly versatile and are seldom wasted. Another good idea is the Starbucks gift card. Writers do need a lot of coffee to get those creative and writing juices going!

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