CIRCUS OMNIUM: A bold new big-top circus for ALL!

Announcing a bold new circus for all ages and all abilities at all times – CIRCUS OMNIUM. Created by former Big Apple Circus alum Lisa Lewis, along with a team of some of the most talented and creative minds in the circus industry. 

Circus Omnium is a multi-sensory experience that is being created to be completely inclusive of all regardless of any special needs – visual, auditory, autistic or other. It has been specifically designed so that everyone can share in the magic and excitement of this circus.  

Special livestream showcase introduces the world to Circus Omnium on December 12, followed by a planned summer 2021 tour under a genuine big top tent!

The word, omnium means, “of all and belonging to all” and that is exactly what it is. At its core, Circus Omnium is about diversity, equity and inclusion. While many live shows present limited special performances which cater to the specific needs of those with visual, auditory, physical, sensory or other challenges, Circus Omnium will truly be a circus for all at all times. And that doesn’t just mean the audience.  There are numerous multi-abled international performers who will delight audiences at Circus Omnium, not because of their disabilities but because of their extraordinary talents.  There has never been a circus like this and there has never been a time when we needed the circus more to unite our hearts. 

Founder & Executive Director Lisa B. Lewis spent many years working with the Big Apple Circus on their groundbreaking Circus of the Senses performances as Director of Community Programs. It is that experience and knowledge which she has leveraged, together with her stellar creative team, to reimagine the art form of circus for 21st Century audiences. “This bold new circus brings you the best of the best, giving families and children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience and enjoy the magic of circus together,” said Lewis. “Sharing in the joy and excitement of the performing arts is an experience that should be available to everyone, regardless of background, race, gender or ability and we are so proud that Circus Omnium makes that happen.”


The virtual showcase on December 12 will introduce audiences to many of the featured acts on the all-new Circus Omnium including:

–       Hosts Johnathan Lee Iverson (the last Ringmaster of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey) and Brandon Kazen Maddox (child of deaf parents who will use ASL during the show)

–       International pole champion Jason Span (First Place, U.S. Pole Sports and Arts National Championship, Silver Medalist at World Championship)

–       International funny man, Max-I-Mime (Cirque du Soleil and Deafway)

–       Acclaimed aerialist and disability advocate Jennifer Bricker and musician Dominic Bauer team up for a breathtaking multidisciplinary artistic display

–       Noemi and Elan Espana, 6th generation performers of the legendary Espana family

–       Jenny Vidbel and her incredible equestrian ballet

–       Internationally acclaimed Brazilian strongmen Dupla Mao Na Roda (4 hands, two wheels)

–       Guest spots from juggler Kevin Kujawa (autistic) and Brian Velazquez (blind)

For information on how to experience the virtual showcase on December 12 at 5:00 pm (EST) and be among the first to witness what this bold new circus has in store, please visit are “pay what you can.”  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive additional updates about the showcase, the artists, and the tour. 

A multi-city tour is being planned for Summer 2021. More details will follow. Whether you are in a seat in the audience, in the circus ring, or backstage, Circus Omnium provides equal opportunities for all abilities to perform, work and enjoy the show in a supportive and joyful environment. 

Everything an audience member will need to enjoy this bold new circus, regardless of their special needs, will be provided.  The 2,000-seat tent will be fully compliant with CDC guidelines. It will feature ADA seating for service animals and mobility challenges. There will be audio description as well as Braille and large print descriptive programs, ASL interpreters, reduced sensory area seating, a calming area, tactile experiences and more.  There’s never been a more accessible and fully integrated circus than Circus Omnium. 

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