Expert Tips for Picking the Right Paint Colors

So, are you looking for a color in which you are going to paint your walls but are unsure of what you should choose? Well, seeking help is a great first step, especially since the shade of paint that you’re going to select for your walls has a major impact on both the overall aesthetic of your home, as well as on how you are going to feel while being in the room in question.

All of that being said, to help you get the paint color right, we are going to talk about a few important parameters that you need to consider that will make all the difference.

Finding Inspiration

If you are at the very beginning and have no real direction in mind, the best way to start is to look for inspiration by browsing different room designs to find the palette that resonates with you the most. 

Also, a good place to draw inspiration from is your already existing surroundings – take a look at your flooring, the furniture and map out the accent colors. It would help you a lot if you were to make a mood board since having all the important aspects laid out methodically is the best way to compare different possibilities.

Get Your Lighting Right

While you’re at the paint shop, or if you are looking over different colors over the internet, be sure to have in mind that lighting heavily impacts how the color is going to look in your home. As experts from Real Milk Paint colors explain, you should know that natural light is always the best way to see how the color in question looks. If you were to look at the same color under incandescent lighting, it would bring out warmer tones while fluorescent lighting would do the same for blue tones. 

You can also use this to your advantage – utilizing the lighting that’s already existent in your home to bring out different aspects of a color you are interested in.

Never Choose Before Swatching!

Why shouldn’t you opt for swatching? These samples are free and are going to be of immense help for choosing the right color. Make sure that you include samples of all the surrounding shades, so lighter, darker, cooler, and warmer. Remember – the lighting is going to be different in your room, so, sometimes the color that seemed perfect in the paint shop is going to look quite off once you try it out at home.

Never underestimate the differences that even the smallest undertones can make, for instance, if you are looking up different variations of white, you should know that the wrong white shade that perhaps has a note of blue or green can happen to just look dirty under your lighting and hence completely throw off your entire color scheme.

All of that being said, make sure that you add the color swatches to your mood board as well. Leave no stone unturned to make sure that you opt for the perfect color!

In the end, there is no real right and wrong when it comes to home interior design as all of us are different, with different priorities and preferences, so, ultimately – it’s vital that you go for something that is going to make you happy. That being said, there are some general guidelines, and after reading this article, you are all caught up with the basics.

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  1. It’s so exciting that Mom wants to give her restaurant a distinctive and colorful Asian-inspired motif, so she’s excited to employ a commercial painting business. If you know what I mean, it’s all about setting the appropriate mood for her clients! She would appreciate your advice on how variable lighting in your space may make a color that seemed excellent in the paint shop appear very wrong when you try it out at home.

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