Snowman painted with a pencil Eraser

I love doing crafts with the girls and we know some very crafty Moms through our Momee Friends network and social media pages. One of our local Moms, Laura always shares such great crafts she does with her kids and I appreciate her sending me such great ideas. The latest idea she has sent me is the Pencil Eraser Snowman. With some paint, a No. 2 eraser pencil and some creativity your child can create their own, too.

Laura mentioned to me before we began this art project ,”don’t use dollar tree pencils because there’s something with the eraser and the paint and it didn’t stick well. If you have No. 2 pencils it would be better.” Laura’s snowman (seen below) was made on a wooden circle that she had painted blue before hear daughter used the No. 2 pencil to paint the snowman. Laura also, used white, brown, orange and black paints. I love that once hers was dry she was able to display hers for winter in her home. Such an adorable keepsake.

Laura shared this idea with me and I only had white paint in my craft supplies. I have to get to the craft store and buy more paint. But, I had some other craft supplies in my craft area that I decided to use so we could still do this adorable project.

To make the snowman that we made you will need:

Construction Paper (light blue, black , orange and brown )

White Paint

Paper Dish

No. 2 Pencil with eraser


Glue Stick

Black Sharpie Marker (or a black marker)


Squeeze your white paint onto a paper plate. Then, have your child put the eraser into the whote paint and begin to dot the paper with the white paint. We continued making dots for a snowy floor and to make the snowman shape.

While your dots begin to dry, have your child cut out pieces for the snowman. We used orange constuction paper to make the Snowman Nose, and brown to make the stick arms, and black construction paper to make the snowman hat and 3 buttons. The black Sharpie Marker will be used to make the eyes and mouth for your snowman.

Once the white paint dots dry, have your child glue the pieces of the snowman to the paper.

Then, have your child use the black marker to make the snowman eyes and mouth.

My daughter wanted to add a couple of snowflakes to her snowman project. She dipped the eraser back into the paint and drew snowflakes. I think it was such a cute touch.

My daughter loved this art project. She said it was very relaxing. I would love to hear if your kids enoy it as much as we did. Thanks, again Laura for this great idea.


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