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Completing a puzzle has always been something that my family and I enjoy doing together. This past year puzzles have grown in popularity since more people were forced to stay home during quarantine. I am so happy doing a puzzle has become something people are enjoying, again. It is a relaxing activity that has no time restraint and there is no wifi connection needed. When you complete a puzzle it feels so good and we really like the variety of puzzles offered by Endless Games, there is even a game that we can not wait to tell you about.

“We had already planned an expansion of new puzzles for 2021, but when we saw the tremendous increase in demand, we quickly moved to make sure that we could provide our new puzzles for families to enjoy this year,” Mike Gasser, President of Endless Games, explained.

The Korner’d Challenge

“The Korner’d Challenge is a puzzle that’s also a game!

The rules are simple; just match the colors or animals on the tiles to the pattern on the board. Play all your tiles first to win! But here’s the catch: like a puzzle, each tile has only ONE unique location on the board where it can be played.

Simple in design, but deceptive in execution. That’s The Korner’d Challenge! Includes double-sided game board and tiles for 2X’s the fun!”

For 1-6 players. Ages 8 and up

Playbill Broadway Cover 1000 pc. Puzzle

1000-piece puzzle featuring the Biggest Broadway Hits and I truly love this puzzle. This is a puzzle that once complete, I will be framing it and hanging it in our home. I love Broadway and can not wait for Broadway to re-open so we can enjoy a show. Playbill presents the 5th edition with popular shows like: Hamilton, Cher, Aladdin, Mean Girls, Avenue Q, Chicago, Kinky Boots and so much more.

For 1 or more players.  Ages 7 and up

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Endless Games

About Endless Games:

 Founded by industry veterans Mike Gasser, Kevin McNulty and game inventor Brian Turtle, Endless Games specializes in games that offer classic entertainment and hours of fun at affordable prices.  The three have an uncanny ability for discovering and developing hit games, having been a part in past successes Trivial Pursuit™, Pictionary® and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon™. The general principle of Endless Games is to produce high quality entertainment in board games that are quick and easy to learn but offer “Endless” play value. This theme runs through the line of classic games like Kismet and Mancala as well as home versions of the TV game shows Card Sharks, Password, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! Newer party games like AKA and That Was Awkward, and family games Name 5 and Everybody Knows also maintain this model for instantly addictive fun! The diverse talents and perspectives that our staff and partners bring to the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing for our business enables Endless Games deliver the best, quality products with universal appeal. From ages 4 to 104, Endless Games offers card games, party games, trivia games, family games, children’s games and pop culture games that engage and entertain all people. For additional information, visit www.endlessgames.com and interact with the company on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram and YouTube.

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