How to Make Your Fish Tank Look Cool and Clean

If you have a deep love for the ocean but are unable to live anywhere nearby, then the next best thing is to get yourself an aquarium. Fish come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and it’s certainly a wonderful experience to be able to keep them as pets. If you want to do the best job possible to keep your fish happy and healthy, then you need to know how to keep their tank clean at all times.

Use a Scraper

Over time, algae and dirt can start to build up on the surface of the glass on the inside of the aquarium. You don’t want it to get to a point where it’s super filthy, and this is where the scraper comes in. There are 2 kinds of scrapers that you need to have to really make sure that you do a thorough job in scraping the inside glass of the aquarium. The magnetic scraper is great because it allows you to clean the tank by placing one magnet that is covered in felt on the inside, and you use the other from the outside to direct the cleaning. This is great for general and easy cleaning. The hand-held cleaners are convenient for those hard to reach spots, as well as for getting algae that is tougher to get off. If you have an acrylic tank, make sure that you don’t use a stainless steel scraper because this can create scratches.

Get a Sponge Filter

Every fish tank needs a filter to make sure that the water is circulated to keep it clean. You need to get a proper sponge filter to really make sure that all the nasty residue is left floating in the water, which could make the fish really sick. Start off by looking up reviews to find the best quality filter available first. If you want to get more information from a reliable source, click here to get a better insight into different reviews. This will help you get a sponge filter that will not only work perfectly to clean the water but also last for longer. 

Remove Decorations to Clean Separately

We love to decorate our fish tanks with all kinds of bits and bobs, so you mustn’t forget about them when it’s time to clean. They are actually the parts that need the most cleaning because they’ll have areas that will be very difficult for you to reach. Remove the decorations, and remember that it’s not really a good idea to use soap to clean them, and there’s always soapy residue and you don’t want your fish ingesting that. Instead, just use a hard bristled brush and warm water, or soak it in bleach if the situation needs a deep cleaning. Only do this for a couple of minutes and that should do the trick. 

Clean the Gravel

Gravel hides all the nasty things that float to the bottom of the tank, so you mustn’t forget to clean it on a regular basis. There are different kinds of water siphons available that are made for this purpose. They basically suck on the gravel and take up any particles that are smaller than the gravel itself. Remember that when you do this, you’re taking out water from the tank, so always unplug it first. Ideally, it needs to be replaced by dechlorinated water that has to be the same temperature as the water that is already in the tank. 

How to Clean the Exterior

It doesn’t make any sense to make all that effort on the inside if you’re not going to bother cleaning the outside as well! Make sure that you keep the outside glass nice and clean but remember not to use any kind of products. Just a bit of vinegar mixed with water should do the trick. Don’t forget to clean the lighting as well as the top of the tank.


Keeping fish holds just as much responsibility as keeping any other pet does. You have to make sure that their environment they live in is always clean so that they can stay healthy for the longest time possible. This is why it’s so important that you know exactly how to clean your tank properly and efficiently. Don’t wait for the dirt and algae to build up, make it a habit to clean it often, and make sure that you change parts on a regular basis as well to ensure that everything is in perfect working order so that you have happy fish all the time!

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