Spring Flower Sugar Cookies

I love making festive treats for Spring!

These are easy to make and your little ones will love help making them, too.

All you need is:

Sugar Cookie Mix or store bought plain sugar cookies

Easter M&M’s (milk chocolate and pastel colors)

Frosting (Vanilla)

I say these are easy for little ones to help make because they truly are so simple to do. Once you make your sugar cookies and let them cool down or have plain sugar cookies that you bought from your local grocery store or bakery the next steps are so simple.

All you need to do is frost the top of the cookie, this will act as your “glue” for the M&M’s.

Then, you will put one M&M in the center and then add 6 more around that center M&M to make a flower shape. The colors and patterns are up to you and your child.

They look adorable and will look so good on your Spring table when you have company over or to have out on the dessert table for Easter.


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