Dig & Display Fossil and Gem Kits

The Dig & Display collection from Hand2Mind are the perfect kits for any budding young archaeologists. Kids who enjoy collecting gemstones and/or fossils will love the hands-on educational experience of digging through the blocks included in these sets to uncover buried treasures.

The World of Gemstones Dig Kit

Your kids will be able to dig for:

8 real gemstones including amethyst, rose quartz and obsidian. They will dig from the continent digging blocks and use 2 digging tools that are included in the set to find them.

My daughter loves the display case and reading through the Adventure Guide to learn more about each gemstone and where they are located in the world.

The first stone she uncovered was Red Jasper and she was so excited to learn you can uncover this gemstone in Africa.

Dig & Display Fossil Kit

Do your kids love fossils? My daughter loves all things dinosaurs and fossils. She was so excited when she found the shark tooth in this kit, as well. So fun!

The kit includes 8 fossils:

a shark tooth, crinoid, bivalve, atrypa, petrified wood, coprolite, and 2 different types of gastropods

As you can see in this post, we truly love these kits. It took the girls some time to uncover the fossils and the gems which I appreciated. I also love that the box will become the display for your child’s new treasures and they will be able to learn about what they uncovered with the guides included in the kit. Highly recommend!


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