Monster Mini Golf of Deer Park

Monster Mini Golf of Deer Park is indoor fun for the whole family! Who wouldn’t want to play 18 holes of mini golf in a fun , glow in the dark setting with incredible art on the walls and monster-iffic decor? Inside is super kid-friendly and not scary at all. Your whole family will enjoy hanging out in this fun and very clean environment as they play mini golf, arcade games, try to complete a laser maze mission, and play that newest VR game. We highly recommend visiting and if you are looking for a great place to have your child’s birthday party they have great packages available, as well.

Mini Golf

My kids are still talking about how fun it was to play this mini golf course. The glow in the dark setting was so cool and everywhere you looked there was something cool to look at.

The glow in the dark art on the wall is so detailed and my girls loved posing for pictures near all the monster-iffic decor.

There was a fun wheel to spin about half way through the course that challenged you to hit your golf ball a certain way during that turn. One of my daughter’s had to have her eyes closed when she hit her ball and my other daughter had to use the wrong end of her club when she hit her first shot.

The 18th hole was very memorable as you have to hit your ball up the tongue of the clown to feed him your ball. This mini golf course was a lot of fun and I know your family will enjoy playing a game of mini golf on this course. How will you score on the monster scale?


After we did a round of Glow in the Dark Mini Golf we headed into the arcade. We played classic games like Space Invaders, Mario Kart and a Minion version of Wac-A-mole, as well as, crane games and other video games where you can earn tickets.

🕹💳I loved that after you swiped the game card and played a game whatever amount of tickets you earned during that round of play went onto the card. (You don’t have to hold onto an endless amount of tickets and have them counted at the end). The girls loved picking out prizes with the “tickets” they won. Be sure to hold onto these cards they are rechargeable and your child can save the tickets earned on the card to save up for the bigger prizes.

There is a Lazer Maze Mission you can complete and a new Virtual Reality game, as well.

Check out the awesome Fun Menu deals that you can buy each person in your family when you arrive.

Birthday Party Fun

Monster Mini Golf says, “We offer more than a party; we deliver a MEMORABLE AND FUN EXPERIENCE for ALL ages! That means, adults/parent guests get to have FUN too!!”

A birthday party experience includes:

  • 90-minute reservation of one of our Private Haunted Mansion rooms
  • In-room age-appropriate hosted Activities
  • 18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf (adult and parent guests golf for free!)
  • Arcade play and prize center FUN
  • We set up the room, handle all service needs, entertain and engage the child and clean up!

*See additional featured elements and add-ons below.  Note: All food is an add-on element

Read more about the party packages on their website: HERE

How awesome is the party room? I love how the decor looks…

Momee Friend Promotion:

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Monster Mini Golf is located at:

410 Commack Road in Deer Park, NY

Phone: 631-940-8900

Website: Monster Mini Golf – Deer Park

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram: @monsterminigolfdeerpark



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