A BumbleBee Windsock

I love making windsock crafts with the kids. There is something so whimisical and fun about creating windsocks for different holidays and seasons throughout the year. With some craft supplies you may already have, you can make this adorable windsock.

All you need is:

Yellow, Black and White Construction Paper,

Scissors, a black Sharpie marker,

a glue stick, scotch tape, a stapler,

2 googly eyes, 1 black pipecleaner

and black and yellow crepe paper


First, you will want to make the body of the windsock. You will use a piece of yellow construction paper for the body and add the black construction paper stripes to the body (as seen below) with a glue stick. You will also attach the googly eyes with the glue stick and make a smile with the black sharpie marker.

Once you let the pieces you just added to the paper dry, staple the paper into a cylinder shape. The bumblebee is already so cute. Now it is time to add more details.

You will make the wings with a white piece of construction paper and the antenna with a black pipecleaner. I attached the wings with a gluestick and the antenna with scotch tape.

Now, for the fun part. I love adding the streamers to the bottom of the windsock. You will need 6 pieces of crepe paper and you will want to cut the pieces in equal lengths and attach them with scotch tape to the inside of the paper cylinder. As seen in the pictures below. I used black and yellow crepe paper but, you can just use black or just use yellow, if you like.

Cut another strip of black construction paper and make a handle for the windsock.

My daughter took her windsock outside and ran around the yard with it for a bit and then we hung it on our tree for the beautiful sunny day. I would not leave the windsock outdoors since it can be ruined easily by water.

You can see by looking through the pictures that the craft is simple to make and the directions are self explanatory. We hope you have as much fun making this craft as we did. Makes a fun craft for home or in the classroom.

This craft brings a smile to my face!


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