CSTL’s Dinosaurs! and Animal Adventure Expands with Five New Animatronic Dinosaurs

Hey there, Long Island! Do you have Dinosaur fans in your family? We are excited to share the news with you that the Center for Science Teaching & Learning’s (CSTL) has expanded their Dinosaurs! and Animal Adventure exhibit, featuring four new animatronic dinosaurs. The exhibit is officially open and is welcoming families and groups. 

New to the exhibit are five animatronic dinosaurs that are located both inside and outside the exhibition hall. New additions include a mother Triceratops and baby, Citipati (CHITT-uh-PUTT-ee) and Parasaurolophus (Pear-uh-sore-AWL-oh-fus).

Dinosaurs! And Animal Adventure is the only tourist and educational attraction of its kind on Long Island. Over the past two years, even during the pandemic, the exhibit has become a very popular family friendly attraction.  

“The expansion of the Dinosaurs! and Animal Adventure marks the latest step in our mission to inspire and educate. We are certain that everyone that visits our expanded exhibit will be impressed and enjoy our new dinosaurs. Our exhibit will continue to bring tourists and economic activity to Rockville Center and Nassau County,” said Dr. Ray Ann Havasy, Executive Director, CSTL. Dr. Ray Ann Havasy is seen in the picture below, with one of the newest animatronic features, a mother Triceratops, at the expanded Dinosaurs! exhibit at the Tanglewood Campus in Rockville Centre.

The Center for Science Teaching & Learning in Rockville Centre held a ribbon cutting marking the expansion of their Dinosaurs! exhibit on June 16, 2021. At the ribbon cutting were: Gerri DiSalvo, AAA Northeast; Rockville Centre Village Trustee Nancy Howard; Mayor Francis X. Murray, Village of Rockville Centre; Nassau County Legislator Debra Mulé; NYS Sen. Todd Kaminsky; Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby; CSTL Executive Director Dr. Ray Ann Havasy; Nassau County Parks Commissioner Eileen Krieb; Brianna McEnroe, Discover LI; RVC Chamber President Brian Croutier.

The exhibit focuses on how animals adapt and survive. This is demonstrated through a unique intermixing of dinosaur models and live animals together. It is housed at CSTL’s 35,000 square foot WAC Lighting Hall of Science. As a science and STEM education-focused not-for-profit organization, CSTL is dedicated to providing people of all ages with a place to engage in both formal and informal learning. CSTL also creates signature corporate programs and delivers educational workshops.

Dinosaurs! and Animal Adventure is open every day except Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tickets are $15 for anyone 13 and older, $12 for children 1-12 yrs. old. Tickets can only be purchased on site. 

For special group rates and programs for special events, birthday parties, camps trips and school field trips

call (516) 764–0045 or email helpdesk@cstl.org

For more information about CSTL, special events and Dinosaurs! and Animal Adventure visit the CSTL Website .

You can also follow CSTL on social media: Facebook

Located at:

Tanglewood Preserve

1450 Tanglewood Road, Rockville Centre

All photo credits in this post courtesy of: The Center for Science Teaching & Learning

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